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Factory-aerialShellscape was formed in 1993 by Steve Ridgley & Ray Butler and has grown into a creative cooperative. We have maintained an overwhelming passion for display craft, coupled with strong technical, chemical and engineering backgrounds, we uniquely design rather than just assemble a fireworks show.

Unlike many Fireworks Companies, Shellscape operate a fully working HSE Licensed Explosives Factory based in White Waltham. It is a labour of love to run the site in todays economic climate, but we believe its also important to make what we do truly special,safe and professional. The ability to design, create, manufacture and test all our products and equipment means we always deliver a first class innovative performance with attention to detail, safety and customer satisfaction as our driving force.

We have been extremely fortunate, working with incredibly talented Pyrotechnic Technicians,Engineers, Fabrication Specialists and Manufacturers, all of whom have provided invaluble input and share our passion for excellence.

The company now has a firm manufacturing base in China as well as producing specialist items at the factory in White Waltham.

Our strong reputation has been earned and demonstrated by representing the UK in China and Europe, and on home ground where we have twice been awarded British Fireworks Champions..

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