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Quieter effects have been introduced into all of our rockets in conformance to new EU regulations!But we are still able to offer the very large shell burst traditional rockets for collection only.

  6 x Crackling Thunder Rockets

Produces a loud crackling thunder rain effects.

Rocket Pack 1 - £6.00 inc vat

  12 x Meteor Mayhem Assorted Effect Rockets

Gold Glittering Willow
Gold Leaf with Purple Glitter
Green Crackling Stars
Silver Fish with Crackling
Purple Crackling
Multicolour Peony

Rocket Pack 2 - £22.00 inc vat

  5 x War Hawk Effect Rockets

Brocade to Purple
Brocade to Green
Gold Willow to Red
Gold Willow to Blue
Gold Willow to Chrysanthemeum

Rocket Pack 3 - £26.00 inc vat

  3 x Total Impact Double Break Rockets

White Glitter King and Blue to Gold Willow.
Blue to Brocade Crown and Gold Willow to Red Star
Red Star to Chrysanthemum and Brocade Crown to Green

Rocket Pack 4 - £80.00 inc vat
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